A Comprehensive Guide of Smart PillBoxes: Comparing the Benefits of the Top 5 Brands

Smart Pillboxes Benefits

Taking your medication precisely when your body needs it is vital. However, there are times when you simply forget. Hold on, you’re not alone in experiencing this. There are various reasons why people might not adhere to their prescribed regimen, with forgetfulness being one of the most common culprits.

Now, this problem might sound simple and irrelevant, but the consequences of non-adherence are far-reaching. Missing doses can lead to ineffective treatment, worsening of symptoms, and even complications that could have been prevented. Thankfully, most smart devices are high-tech, and available to keep you on track always. Below are a few that are making waves in the market.

1️⃣ Loba

To start with, there is Loba. It’s a Wi-Fi-connected supplement organizer that streamlines users’ wellness programs. The accompanying Loba App reminds users to take their pills, set reminders, and keep their pills safe. 

  • Sleek design with wooden accents that have detachable compartments.
  • It can store a week’s pills, and the box is split into AM and PM sections.
  • LED lights that can be customized and serve as a visual reminder when pills need to be taken.
  • It is more of a wellness-oriented device, making it less ideal for real-time monitoring but perfect for wellness programs.

2️⃣ Smart PillBox

Sturdy yet lightweight, the Smart PillBox stands out as a smart medical device in the market. Its price, coupled with its unique purpose compared to other brands, positions it as the top choice. Reasons!

  • The ergonomic design & spacious compartments make it perfect for vial placement.
  • It allows users to directly place vials without the hassle of transferring or filling meds, enhancing its user-friendliness.
  • The accompanying app is user-friendly and connects seamlessly with the device to set up medication reminders.
  • The accompanying Pill Reminder app is also a first choice for caregivers and providers for RTM purposes, thus a first choice for better patient outcomes & more revenues.
  • Needless to say, it provides all this:
    • Improved medication adherence
    • Medication reminders and tracking
    • Notification/alerts caregivers for skipped or missed doses
    • Reduced hospitalizations/emergency room visits
    • Access to real-time patient adherence data and more

3️⃣ Med Minder

Med Minder is an adherence solution that is known for its simplicity, and their extensive network with most insurance plans and rental services of the pill dispenser.

  • It is a simple, basic seven-day pillbox.
  • It features a lock that opens only the correct compartment, ensuring users correct access.
  • It can be remotely controlled by the MedMinder website too.

4️⃣ PillDrill

Compliant with the Life 365 Virtual Care platform, the Pilldrill smart medication tracking device is simple & attractive and gives clear audio-visual alerts when doses are due. To indicate that a dose has been taken, the user simply has to wave the medication container in front of the Hub. 

  • It comes with scanning tags that allow the user to activate any pill bottle or container. 
  • It also has tag holders for injections, inhalers, eye drops or any irregularly shaped medicine. 
  • That’s not all. It has a mood cube, too, to track how your user is feeling. 
  • The companion app is also quite user-friendly

5️⃣ Tricella

Another Smart PillBox that is making waves in the market is Tricella. Its patented Smart PillBox is known for its lightweight and escalated notifications that it sends to caregivers when there is non-adherence. Talking about its features, 

  • The phantom sync enables background connectivity
  • Best edge: multiple smart pillboxes can be simultaneously connected to the supporting app. 
  • No-fuss user-replaceable coin cell battery makes it easy to always be on the go. 
  • Also, Tricella remote patient monitoring service correlates drug adherence and physiological and behavioral data.

6️⃣ Elligrid

Ellie is a smart pill organizer that makes medication management easier and more enjoyable than ever. Elliegrid sensors are used to send text messages when your loved ones do not take pills.

  • Fits 30 days’ worth of medications in 7 large compartments.
  • Sounds & lights alarm to alert about the pills.
  • Customized notifications On the App When is to Take Pills.
  • Also, a great device & app for RTM purposes.

In summary, we as an industry have to understand that non-medication adherence is more of a behavioural problem. From stubbornness to forgetfulness to thinking, “I am feeling better already and no longer need the pills,” all these reasons contribute to this health crisis. Technology, like pillboxes, is the solution to tackle this problem, as it can reduce this avoidable cost that the healthcare industry incurs every year.


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