Smart PillBox


* Purchase limit of 5 device only

* In order to purchase more than 5 devices,
please contact our support team

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Your pill journey, perfected! With Smart PillBox

The smart design, intelligent technology and the BIG purpose i.e. to never skip or miss a pill makes Smart PillBox an essential part of your daily life.

Make your first move towards better health with these steps

  • Download the Smart PillBox app
  • Scan the QR code on the box and connect with Wi-Fi
  • Add medication and schedule reminders on the app
  • Put Rx bottles into Smart PillBox
  • Smart PillBox is ready for medication adherence magic!

About the APP

  • User-friendly
  • Send notifications
  • Provides adherence reports
  • Fit for iOS & android
  • Notifies You when to organize your pills for the week ahead
  • Displays schedule day, time, date

About the Device

  • Portable, high end finishes & classy look
  • Has indicators on the device
  • Ergonomic lid: opens & closes easily
  • Rechargeable, so you don’t have to worry about the battery
  • Compartments that prevents from spilling
  • USB Type-C cable included
  • User manual included
30 days full refund guarantee.
No questions asked!

Experience it risk-free for a month; if it doesn’t meet your needs, we’ll reimburse your full payment.

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Customer support:
Address: 5908 Breckenridge Pkwy, Tampa FL 33610
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Monthly Subscription Charges $4.99
Pill Reminder Device

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