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Starting with PillBox App is simple, easy and quick.

Download the app from the store, fill in your details to register & start.

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Smart PillBox App
Smart PillBox App - WiFi Connection

Wifi & Device

Configure the device using QR code and get connected via Wi-Fi.

Setting Reminders
On The App

Include medication name, select compartment, set dosage, and schedule the prescribed time for pill intake.

Smart PillBox - Adherence Report

The Adherence &
Performance report

Monitor pill usage, track compliance, and aid doctors & caregivers in assessing effectiveness with the Smart PillBox App.

This way, you can catch missed doses, export adherence report & enjoy better pill management.

Finally, Start Your
Healthy Pill Journey...

The app will remind you to take your pills on time and let you know when it’s time for a refill.

Smart PillBox - Medicine Data

No device? No problem!

Even if you don’t have the Smart PillBox, you can still utilize the Smart Pill Reminder app!

Pill Reminder Device

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