An Overview of Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM)

An Overview of Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM)

In the evolving world of modern medicine, Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) is an innovation revolutionizing patient care and provider-patient interactions. Rooted in the combination of cutting-edge technologies and clinical expertise, RTM has crossed traditional healthcare boundaries, offering a multifaceted approach to monitoring and managing patients’ health remotely.

With the global market for Remote Patient Monitoring projected to reach $1.8 billion by 2026, the adoption of RTM represents not only a clinical imperative but also a strategic business opportunity. By embracing RTM, providers can position themselves at the forefront of a burgeoning industry, enhancing patient care while maximizing revenue potential.

According to a study by the American Medical Association, remote patient monitoring can reduce hospitalizations by 20% and emergency room visits by 25%.

In another study, it was found that RTM can reduce hospital readmission rates by up to 50%, leading to significant cost savings for healthcare systems.

Here is how RTM is revolutionizing the healthcare industry: 

What is RTM?

Remote therapeutic monitoring, or RTM, refers to the remote delivery of therapeutic patient care. It specifically involves monitoring a patient’s musculoskeletal or respiratory status, as well as related medication and program adherence.

RTM in advanced technological tools like SmartPillbox represents a technological shift in healthcare delivery, encompassing a diverse array of digital tools and platforms designed to monitor patients’ health status outside conventional clinical settings.

How Does RTM Work?

At the heart of RTM lies a complex ecosystem of interconnected devices and systems, each playing a key role in the seamless transmission and analysis of patient data. These data streams are then meticulously curated and transmitted to centralized repositories via secure communication channels, where they undergo rigorous analysis by healthcare professionals.

Benefits of RTM for Providers:

➔ Reduced Medication Waste: Smart PillBoxes minimize medication waste by accurately dispensing doses.

➔ HIPAA Compliant & Secure: Smart PillBoxes adhere to HIPAA regulations, ensuring patient data security.

➔ Real-Time Patient Adherence Data: Providers access real-time data on patient medication adherence.

➔ Reduces Hospitalizations/Emergency Room Visits: Improved adherence lowers the risk of hospital admissions.

➔ Minimizes Overdose Risk: Smart PillBoxes prevent accidental overdoses by alerting patients and caregivers.

➔ Tracks Missed or Skipped Doses: They accurately track missed or skipped doses for intervention.

➔ Notifies/Alerts Caregivers: Smart PillBoxes alert caregivers when doses are missed.

➔ Improved Medication Adherence: Enhances adherence, leading to better treatment outcomes.

➔ Medication Management and Adherence Reporting: Offers comprehensive medication management tools.

➔ RTM Billing Service: Streamlines reimbursement processes for providers.

How can Healthcare Providers earn $100-$150 per Patient with RTM?

Incorporating RTM into your practice can now earn you $150 or $100 in extra revenue per patient*. You can tap into lucrative revenue streams generated through enhanced patient monitoring and engagement. Whether through reimbursements for remote monitoring services or incentives for improving patient outcomes, RTM offers ample opportunities for providers to maximize revenue while delivering superior care.

Beyond its clinical utility, RTM holds immense promise as a catalyst for economic efficiency and sustainability within the healthcare ecosystem. The staggering economic burden of medication non-adherence, estimated at billions of dollars annually, underscores the urgent need for innovative solutions such as RTM. By promoting adherence through remote monitoring and early intervention, RTM not only averts costly hospitalizations and emergency room visits but also unlocks new revenue streams for healthcare providers.

A patient goes more frequently to hospitalization due to non-adherence. This alarming trend underscores the critical importance of addressing medication non-adherence through innovative solutions like RTM via SmartPillbox. Where providers remotely monitor patients’ medication adherence and health status and identify potential issues early on, preventing costly hospitalizations and improving overall patient outcomes.

Embracing the RTM Revolution

In conclusion, Smart PillBox presents a compelling opportunity for healthcare providers to not only enhance patient care but also generate additional revenue streams. By partnering with Smart PillBox, providers can leverage innovative medication adherence tools to improve treatment outcomes and patient satisfaction.

The suite of features offered, including medication reminders, real-time adherence data, and comprehensive reporting, empowers providers to deliver proactive, patient-centred care. Furthermore, with the implementation of Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) CPT codes, providers can unlock new revenue opportunities while ensuring optimal medication management for their patients.

RTM is revolutionizing healthcare by making it more accessible and efficient. It enables healthcare providers to deliver personalized care to patients, leading to better health outcomes. Additionally, RTM has the potential to reduce healthcare costs and improve patient satisfaction.

As we stand in a new era in healthcare delivery, embracing the RTM revolution is not merely an option—it is an imperative.

Together with SmartPillbox, let’s chart a course towards a future where healthcare knows no bounds and every patient receives the care they deserve wherever they are.

Partner with Smart PillBox to provide medication adherence tools to your patients, healthcare organizations & beyond. Take the first step towards enhancing patient care and optimizing outcomes.


*Please note that reimbursement amounts are estimated and depend solely on the eligible CPT codes available for submission and reimbursement per patient. Payment for CPT 98978 will be decided by each local Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) and may vary nationwide. Based on current data, CBT is reimbursed at rates similar to other RTM CPT codes. Remember, prices can differ from state to state.


Remote Therapeutic Monitoring


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